July 31, 2023

The Importance of Filtration For Battery Testing Chambers

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The Importance of Filtration For Battery Testing Chambers

Battery testing filtration is essential for two reasons: one, ensuring product functionality, and two, eliminating any occupational risk posed to workers during this process.

Everything from cell phones to lawnmowers to toys and vehicles runs on batteries. Our portable devices, tools, and cars would stop working if the battery failed. This is why so much effort is put into the research and development phase of product testing. What if your battery freezes? What if dropping your phone or laptop causes an explosion? What if your truck battery overheats and causes a fire? What if there is a hospital power outage and the generator battery fails? All the potential “what ifs” are tested and tested again by workers using battery testing chambers. 

Battery Testing Process

The different types of testing processes analyze, record, or monitor critical battery operating parameters to ensure proper product performance. Some tests evaluate a battery’s design or longevity. Other trials may focus on what happens when the battery is under environmental duress, such as extreme temperatures or moisture. Often a battery is inspected to see how it performs under abuse. 

While all of this analysis is crucial before putting a product on the market, it is not without risk to those to those doing the testing. For these people, the occupational hazards of battery testing are real threats to their safety and well-being.

The Risks 

Not all batteries are manufactured the same. A typical AA battery, for example, is made of steel mixed with elements that often include manganese and zinc. The average portable electronic device such as a smartphone or laptop runs on lithium-ion batteries that are a combination of substances such as nickel, cobalt, and oxide iron phosphate. A car battery contains lead and sulfuric acid among other things.

Depending on the battery, additional properties such as mercury, cadmium, and carbon monoxide, may be present. All of these materials have the potential to be dangerous and can threaten the health and safety of individuals during battery testing. Hazards of battery testing such as:

Harmful emissions. 




How Does Battery Testing Filtration Help?

Filtration can be used in two different ways:

  1. For battery test chambers with an integrated system, filters such as HEPA and activated carbon varieties are installed.
  1. For stand-alone chambers, an external air filtration unit can be attached to the chamber’s ports or vents.

At AIRSInc, we supply air filtration products for applications relating to battery testing chamber applications. Our SP-800 model is a portable, multi-stage filtration system that effectively captures battery emissions such as gases and vapors.

For testing chambers that are integrated filtration systems, we provide the following filter options*:

  1. Our HEPA filters remove substances and particulate matter larger than .3 microns.
  1. Our activated carbon filters remove VOCs and odors. 

Both products improve IAQ for product efficacy, aid in battery testing filtration, and help to improve the health and safety of the worker.

Contact us today and discover how AIRs, Inc.’s advanced battery testing filtration solutions can safeguard workers and optimize battery testing. Take charge of safety and efficiency today.

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