SPAHRF1 Replacement CCS/ZK6 Activated Carbon Adsorption Media (15 lbs)

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15 lbs. of replacement CCS Activated Carbon + ZK6 Adsorption Media blend for use with SPA-H included Refillable Adsorption Module

This special blend of adsorption media consists of CCS Activated Carbon and ZK6 Adsorption Media. The filter media should normally be changed in your Extract-All® system when the odorous fumes are no longer being adequately reduced. The frequency of changing this filter could change depending on different variables.

Technical Specifications

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Odors, VOCs


15 lbs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Salon Pure Air system is best for hair?

Extract-All’s SPA-H Hair Fume Extractor is tailor-made to handle hair procedures like hair straightening treatments, perms,and more. SPA-H includes a 48′ internally-supported extractor arm and 16″ wide source-capture hood for maximal fume capture, as well as multi-stage filtration fit for chemicals and fumes found in hair products.

Which Salon Pure Air system is best for nails?

Models SPA1 and SPA-REV are great for manicure applications. Use SPA1 if you are primarily concerned with Acrylic fumes. If you do a combination of acrylic and gel , then use SPA-REV. SPA-REV is also great for esthetician applications.

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