Extract-All® Fume Extractors

Extract-All® Fume Extractors offer the most versatile, user-friendly design capable of capturing harmful fumes, dust, vapors, and smoke from a wide range of industrial applications. All of our mobile & portable fume extractors can accommodate a variety of filter media including, HEPA, ULPA, Medical Grade Filter Media, and a variety of adsorbent chemical filter media such as Activated Carbon. Our multi-stage filtration and source-capture options will provide the ideal system to improve the air quality in your facility by effectively removing airborne contaminants before they enter the operator’s breathing zone.

Fume Extractors work in these applications

  • Brazing
  • Pharmaceutics
  • Soldering
  • Powder Mixing
  • and many more!

Selecting a Fume Extractor

When selecting a Fume Extractor, consider: type of contaminants, volume of contaminants to be collected, and capture method. For applications where mobility is important, our compact line of Portable Fume Extractors come with heavy-duty casters. For applications with particularly harmful contaminants, look for a system that includes multi-stage filtration. Choosing the correct air cleaning system is an important step in keeping customers and employees safe, contact us if you need help selecting the right system for your workplace.

Most Popular Uses for Fume Extractors


Good indoor air quality in a lab is crucial in preventing health hazards, as well as avoiding contamination of samples.


Welding creates specific air quality hazards which can be mitigated with the right fume extractor and filters.


Remove contamination from dental aerosols and spatter from bodily fluids such as saliva, blood, and plaque.


Soldering creates harmful fumes that can cause respiratory, eye and skin irritation, asthma, dizziness, and more.

Filter Replacement Program

Enrolling in our Filter Replacement Program will help ensure that your equipment is performing at an optimum level. Simply choose what filters you want and how often you want them, we will get them to you on time.