S-DTL Portable Fume Extractor & Dust Collector

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The Extract-All® S-DTL Portable Fume Extractor & Dust Collector is a highly versatile system that allows the operator to collect fumes and dust directly from a single source.

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Product Details

The extended height of the S-DTL-1 accommodates more filter media, making it a great option for users with multiple applications or particularly toxic applications.

Included With Product

Features & Benefits

  • Helps ensure compliance with current and future OSHA regulations
  • Portability provides easy mobility around the lab or office
  • Unique Filter allows for recovery of precious metals
  • Blower motor rated at 100,000 continuous duty hours
  • Powder paint coat paint finish inside and out
  • Quiet operation compared to standard dust collectors
  • All electrical components and filter media are UL and CE approved
  • Three-year warranty

Technical Specifications

Capture Method

Source Capture


Caster Base



Model Number


Filter Type

Pleated Filter, Rigid Cell Filter


46 lbs.


18-gauge steel, polyurethane powder coat finish


12.5” W x 33.25” H x 12.5” D


350W, 2.8 amps, 120/1/60, 2000 RPM

Typical Motor Life

100,000 hours (depending on operating conditions)

Noise Level

65 dB

Fan Performance

350 CFM at .5” E.S.P.

240 CFM at 2.0” E.S.P.

100 CFM at 2.75”E.S.P.

Filter Efficiency

Pleated Filter:

MERV 10 (65%)

Rigid Cell Filter:

MERV 14 (95%)


Circuit Boards, Electronics, Art Conservation, Jewelry, Welding, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Soldering, Powder Mixing, Grinding, Sanding

2 reviews for S-DTL Portable Fume Extractor & Dust Collector

  1. Western Center (verified owner)

    This product is very portable and not too heavy yet has a great amount of suction that can be adjusted. Happy so far with the product and looking into ordering another one.

  2. Benjamin Stark

    We currently have three of these collectors for dust mitigation in our civil engineering teaching laboratory and soils laboratory at George Mason University. The collectors are perfect for our purposes as they are very easy to move throughout the lab and are great for airborne dust collection during soils labs (which generate a lot of airborne particulates). We are are gladly purchasing a fourth for additional lab use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase a longer extraction arm or hose?

Yes, 20′ rolls are available for purchase for most arm/hose sizes.

What can fume extractors be used for?

Fume Extractors can be used to capture and filter a variety of contaminants such as vapors, dust and smoke. Mulit-stage filtration provides the appropriate filter media to handle specific applications

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