Exhaust Blowers

Extract-All® offers a full line of Industrial Exhaust Blowers and Industrial Exhaust Fan Systems designed to efficiently clean the air you breathe, protecting your health and work environment. Our complete line of Exhaust Blowers and Arms accommodate single-station and multi-station set-ups. Use our Precision Source Capture Arms along with our Hi-Pressure Exhaust Blowers to help reduce airborne Particulate and Fumes from countless applications.

Industrial Exhaust Blower Features

Our Exhaust Blowers are UL and CE listed and feature heavy-duty construction, single inlet, radial design. The cast aluminum fan is spark proof. The heavy gauge welded steel is sealed with gray finish paint and the shell features a 6” diameter inlet collar and a 6” diameter outlet collar. All of Industrial Blowers come equipped with a universal bracket for wall, ceiling, bench or floor mounting.

Paint Booth Exhaust Blower and Fan

Our high-performance Exhaust Blowers are a preferred paint fume solution and are used in many industrial paint booths and in educational facilities and art rooms.

Adding and Sizing Your Extraction Arms to Your Exhaust Blower

Our High-Performance exhaust blowers can also be used in conjunction with our line of Extraction Arms.

The Extract-All Extraction Arms are designed for direct-source capture of various airborne contaminates. Use our extractor arms to direct hazard or nuisance contaminants away from the workplace safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively. Extraction Arms offer flexibility and ease of use. Moving Extraction Arms up and down is easy and the Extraction Arm hood swivels up to 360 degrees for precise positioning. All units swing a full 360 degrees when table-mounted.

Our 350 Watt Blower- Handles One or Two 2.5” or 3″ Diameter Extractor Arms.

Our 1/2 HP Blower- Handles up to Six 2.5″ or 3” Diameter Extractor Arms, Or, One 4” Diameter Extractor Arm.

Our 3/4 HP Blower- Handles up to Ten 2.5″ or 3” Diameter Extractor Arms, Or, One- 4” or, One 6”, or, One 8” Diameter Extractor Arm.

Our 1.5 HP Blowers- Are specifically designed to direct connect to our 6” and 8” Diameter Extractor Arms.

Our 3 HP Blowers- Are specifically designed to direct connect to our 6” and 8” Diameter Extractor Arms.

Our 5 HP Blower- Will Handle up to Eight 4″ Diameter Extractor Arms. Or, up to three 6” or 8” Diameter Extractor Arms.