SCDD-3450 Downdraft Table


Ideal for downdraft removal of smoke, dust, fumes, and other airborne contaminants from a variety of industrial applications, including: grinding, welding, and finishing operations.

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Product Details

The Extract-All® SCDD-3450 Downdraft Table is a Heavy-Duty and Powerful Air Cleaning and Dust Collection System that works by drawing contaminants down and away from the operators breathing zone. It features a 99% efficient Self-Cleaning Cartridge filter, hinged side and back shield. Heavy Steel Grating provides an excellent all around work surface. Specialized materials are optional for plasma cutting, scratchless surfaces and non-sparking applications. Modular Design allows our tables to be used individually or in groups, side by side, or back to back, whatever best fits your requirements. If your requirements change, simply add another table or split up your existing ones.

Included With Product

  • Spark Arresting Trays
  • Fire Retardant Cartridge Filters
  • Filter Cleaning Mechanism
  • 24” LED Light
  • Minihelic Gauge
  • Quick Filter Release Latches
  • Hinged Side and Back Shields
  • 36” x 55” Downdraft Surface

Features & Benefits

  • Baffle Type Spark Arrestors
  • Two 99.999% Efficient Fire Retardant Cartridge Filters
  • Filter Cleaning Mechanism
  • Easy Access Front Overhang
  • Hinged Filter Door with Easy Open Latches for quick filter change outs.
  • Motor Starter, Overload Relay
  • Easy Open, High Capacity Dust Tray

Technical Specifications

Capture Method



Caster Base



Model Number


Filter Type

Cartridge Filter


700 lbs.


12-gauge welded galvanealed steel with industrial grade textured baked enamel finish


36” D x 55” W x 32” H


Single Speed, 2HP, Single Phase, 120V, 60 HZ, TEFC Ball Bearing Motor, Max. 6.2 Amps; Belt Driven 12-9 Blower

Noise Level

76 DBA

Fan Performance

3450 CFM

Filter Efficiency

99.995% at 0.3 microns


Welding, Powder Mixing, Sanding, Grinding, Soldering


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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I use a downdraft table rather than a fume extractor with an arm?

It can be beneficial to use a downdraft table when perfoming applications like sanding, welding, and grinding. Extact-All Downdraft Tables will draw contaminants (i.e. dust, fumes, smoke) down and away from the operator’s breathing zone.

Can I use my downdraft table for painting?

Downdraft tables can be used to capture fumes from light touch-up painting. However, downdraft tables are not meant to capture or filter paint and may cause damage to the filters or unit.

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