Extract-All® Systems Clean the Air You Breathe

Our versatile, compact air cleaning systems are capable of providing air filtration solutions for wide variety of applications


Why Choose Extract-All?

Extract-All products are dependable, versatile, and proudly made in the USA.

We accommodate a wide range of customers such as manufacturing facilities, medical facilities, universities, laboratories and government facilities.

We offer ergonomically friendly, truly versatile, compact air cleaning systems, filters and media.

We are dedicated to providing the finest equipment at highly competitive pricing and are proud to say that the majority of our products are made in the USA.

We help you to create a safe environment by improving the air quality in your workplace or home. This translates into healthier, happier individuals and increased productivity.

What Do You Need To Eliminate From The Air?

Air Purifiers

Extract-All® Air Purifiers are the ultimate room air cleaning systems for your home, office, school, senior living facility, and more. Our AMB1 system comes with 7 stages of air purification, including a High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter. All 7 stages work together to remove dust, pollen, chemicals, mold, smoke, and germs from the air you breathe. Within 30 minutes, AMB1 will completely replace the air in medium-large rooms (1,250 sq. feet), creating a safer environment for all.

Air Scrubbers & Negative Air Machines

Extract-All® Air Scrubbers are recirculating air cleaning systems that work by capturing airborne contaminants, pulling them through filter media, then returning the clean air into the room. With a powerful motor designed for long-term use, an Extract-All® Air Scrubber will replace the air in a medium-large room every 10 to 12 minutes. Extract-All ® Negative Air Machines work by completely removing filtered air from a contained room instead of recirculating it, causing the area to stay under negative air pressure. These HEPA air scrubbers keep airborne contaminants from traveling to adjacent rooms, hallways, and other areas.

Downdraft Tables

Extract-All® Downdraft Table Systems are ideal for sanding, welding, and metal grinding. Our high-efficiency downdraft welding tables work by drawing contaminants down and away from the operators breathing zone. Extract-All® Downdraft Tables are equipped with a filter package specifically designed for removal of smoke, dust, fumes, and many other airborne contaminants from industrial applications. The heavy steel grating on our downdraft tables provides an excellent and sturdy work surface. Our downdraft tables also feature specialized material options for plasma cutting, scratch-less surfaces, and non-sparking applications.

Extractor Arms & Blowers

Extract-All® offers a full line of high-performance fume extraction arms designed for direct-source capture of various airborne contaminants. Extraction arms are most commonly used to capture smoke, dust, mist, chemical vapors and fumes from industrial applications such as: welding, grinding, powder mixing, laser cutting, and more. Paired with one of our industrial exhaust blowers, Welding Fume Extraction Arms offer a flexible, easy-to-use solution for efficiently directing contaminants away from the work area. Extraction Arms are easily adjusted up and down, and swing a full 360 degrees for precise positioning.

Fume Extractors

Extract-All® Chemical Fume Extractors offer the most versatile, user-friendly design capable of capturing harmful fumes, dust, vapors, and smoke from a wide range of industrial applications. All of our mobile & portable fume extractors can accommodate a variety of filter media including, HEPA, ULPA, Medical Grade Filter Media, and a variety of adsorbent chemical filter media such as Activated Carbon. Our multi-stage filtration and source-capture options will provide the ideal system to improve the air quality in your facility by effectively removing airborne contaminants before they enter the operator’s breathing zone.

Oil Mist Collectors

Extract-All® Oil Mist Collectors are designed to remove oil, coolant, and mist during machining, grinding, turning, milling, drilling, metalworking, and lubrication operations. While metalworking fluid has many different industrial applications that aid in the manufacturing process, overexposure can cause skin irritation and respiratory harm. Extract-All® Oil Mist Collectors protect workers by capturing harmful fluids at the source, before they escape into the air.

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Learn About Our Filter Replacement Program

Enrolling in our Filter Replacement Program will help ensure that your equipment is performing at an optimum level. Simply choose what filters you want and how often you want them, we will get them to you on time.


What Makes Extract-All So Great?

Extract-All has been a trusted brand in industrial air cleaning since 1981. Family owned and run, we take pride in the quality of our products and exceptional customer service above all else.

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