S-984-1 Clearn Air Station
S-984-1 Clearn Air StationS-984-1 Clean Air Station 1S-984-1 Clean Air Station 2

S-984-1 Clean Air Station


At last… A compact, bench-top, Ductless Air Cleaning System that is completely self-contained. The Clean Air Station… Portable – Versatile – Economic! Our Extract-All™ model S-984-1 is Ideal for countless applications. Our Unique System effectively removes airborne contaminants before they can escape into the workplace. This System is designed to act as a back-draft, self-contained filtration system. The Clean Air Station can also be used as a table-top spray booth. Add your choice of primary and final stage filter combinations and one of the three acrylic inlet capture hoods. Depending on the filter combination you choose, the Clean Air Station will remove the smoke, dust, aerosol overspray and odors, and gaseous fumes found in the workplace.


• 2-ply, dual density polyester panel prefilter
• Power Cord and Plug

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Choose Your Filter:
(Filter not included with unit)
Select contaminant(s) you want to filter out.
(you must select at least one contaminant to find the best filter for your uses)
Particulate / Application
Chemical / Particulate Combinations
Recommended Filter Options Complete Filters Selection Guide >

  • Helps ensure compliance with current and future OSHA regulations
  • Ductless Design-Completely Self-Contained
  • Removable Hinged Inlet Grill For Direct Spraying into Prefilter
  • Portable, Versatile, and Economic
  • Easy Filter Access
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Three-Year Warranty

Blower/Motor Assembly:

120 volt, single phase, 60 Hertz; 1.3 amps, 1100 RPM; totally enclosed, thermally protected; ball bearing

Cabinet Dimensions, without Acrylic Hood:

24”W x 24”H x 14”D


Basic System (without filters) - 80 lbs.

Typical Motor Life:

100,000 hours (depending on operating conditions, including ambient temperature, duty cycle, etc.)

Rated Fan Performance:

415 CFM @ .5” E.S.P.; 235 CFM @ 1.0” E.S.P., 125 CFM @ 1.2” E.S.P.

Noise Level:

55 dB

Adhesive (Glue) Fumes
Art Restoration
Art Conservation
Chemical Fume Removal
Clean Room Applications
Cleaning with Solvents
General Laboratory Fumes & Dust
Glue Spraying
Ink Fumes
Light Welding
Mail Handling Operations
Paint & Inks Spraying
Pharmaceutical Compounding
Plastic Heat Bending
Polishing Applications
Powder Weighing
Chemical & Miscellaneous Mixing
Toxic Chemical Fumes
Toxic Fumes
Toxic Gases
Toxic Particulate
Toxic Powders
Toxic Vapors
Wire Stripping