MG-600-RC Air-Recirculating Cyclone Collector 1
MG-600-RC Air-Recirculating Cyclone Collector 2MG-600-RC Air-Recirculating Cyclone Collector 3MG-600-RC Air-Recirculating Cyclone Collector 4MG-600-RC Air-Recirculating Cyclone Collector 5MG-600-RC Air-Recirculating Cyclone Collector 6

MG-600-RC Air-Recirculating Cyclone Collector


The Extract-All™ 600 Series air-recirculating cyclone systems are smaller size dust collectors, designed for a wide range of light, multiple wheel grinding and buffing operations , as well as single large machines. Combining the simplicity and efficiency of centrifugal precipitation of dust from the air stream, they provide the user with unmatched operating economy and are virtually maintenance-free. There are no filter cartridges required, no cartridge replacement expense.

300 to 550 C.F.M. at pressure requirements to 5.25″.

2.75 to 14.7 cubic feet. Outside vented or air-recirculating types.

• ¾ HP 3600 RPM TEFC continuous-duty industrial motor
• Dust bin drawer storage container for easy cleanout
• Two-stage fiberglass after-filter

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• High efficiency cyclone design
• Spark-resistant, aluminum alloy, direct drive fan wheel
• Compact unit design
• Powder coated, durable long-lasting finish
• Heavy duty industrial grade construction
• TEFC continuous-duty industrial motor

INLETS: 4”, 3”, or two 3”
RATINGS: 200 to 600 CFM at 5.25” to 2” SP
MOTOR: ¾ hp 3600 RPM TEFC continuous-duty industrial motor
VOLTAGE: 115, single phase or 208 or 230/460, three phase, 60 cycle
FILTER ACCESS: Two-stage fiberglass after-filter with Dust bin drawer storage container for easy clean out
NOISE LEVEL: 77.4 dBA @ 4’ / 72.8 dBA @ 12’
RECOMMENDED OPERATING RANGE: 300 to 550 CFM at pressure requirements to 5.25”
DUST COLLECTOR DIMENSIONS: 30”L (Inlet side) x 20”W (Bin Drawer side) x 42”H
WEIGHT: 220 lbs.