MG-1100-RC Air-Recirculating Cyclone Collector 1
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MG-1100-RC Air-Recirculating Cyclone Collector


The Extract-All™ 1100 Series air-recirculating cyclone system deliver high efficiency performance eliminating process dust from industrial grinding, buffing, polishing and wood­ working operations. Combining the simplicity and efficiency of centrifugal precipitation of dust and pollutants from the air stream, they provide the user with unmatched operating economy and are virtually maintenance-free.No filter cartridges are required; no cartridge replacement expense.

600 to 1000 C.F.M. at pressure requirements to 6.2″.

3 to 14.7 cubic feet. Outside vented or air-recirculating types.

• 1 ½ HP 3600 RPM TEFC continuous-duty industrial motor
• Dust bin drawer storage container for easy cleanout
• Two-stage fiberglass after-filter

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• High efficiency cyclone design
• Spark-resistant, aluminum alloy, direct drive fan wheel
• Compact unit design
• Powder coated, durable long-lasting finish
• Heavy duty industrial grade construction
• TEFC continuous-duty industrial motor

INLETS: 6”, 5”, or two 4”
RATINGS: 200 to 1100 CFM at 7.4” to 1" W G.
MOTOR: 1 ½ hp 3600 RPM TEFC continuous-duty industrial motor
VOLTAGE: 208, 230/460, three phase, 60 cycle. Single phase motors also available.
FILTER ACCESS: Two-stage fiberglass after-filter with Dust bin drawer storage container for easy clean out
NOISE LEVEL: 77.8 dBA @ 4’ / 74.0 dBA @ 12’
RECOMMENDED OPERATING RANGE: 600 to 1000 CFM at pressure requirements to 6.2".
DUST COLLECTOR DIMENSIONS: 36”L (Inlet side) x 20”W (Bin Drawer side) x 42”H
WEIGHT: 275 lbs.