Industrial Air Filtration Systems

Maintaining good indoor air quality and providing adequate industrial air filtration solutions in industrial settings, such as factories or manufacturing plants, are important steps in providing a safe environment for employees. Without quality air purification and welding fume extractor systems, industrial workers are routinely exposed to fumes, smoke, dust, and more air pollutants which can cause negative health effects through overexposure. With the help of Extract-All industrial air filtration systems, you can improve indoor air quality by capturing contaminants at the source, before workers are exposed to their harmful effects.

Discover the versatility of Extract-All products, suitable for a multitude of industries and applications. We’re here to customize solutions for you, regardless of whether your industry is listed. Explore our offerings, get personalized assistance by contacting us, ensure peace of mind with warranty registration, and optimize performance with our filter replacement program. Start your journey to enhanced air quality today.

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Common Industrial Applications


Welding produces toxic fumes that can have hazardous short-term and long-term health effects for workers, including respiratory irritation, nausea, organ damage, and cancer. Browse our selection of Fume Extractors and Fume Extraction Arms designed specifically to keep welders safe.

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Metal Fabrication

The metal fabrication process produces toxic gases such as carbon dioxide, ammonia, sulfur compounds and benzene. Extract-All Fume Extractors are an effective way to capture and remove these gases from the air and keep workers safe. Browse our selection here.

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During plastic production, workers are often exposed to harmful chemical fumes that can cause negative respiratory health effects. Browse our selection of fume extractor systems designed to minimize worker exposure to harmful vapors and fumes.

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Workers are routinely exposed to toxic fumes and fine dust particles created by grinding, finishing, and other machining tasks. Browse our selection of air cleaning systems designed to minimize machine workers’ exposure to airborne contaminants.

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Industrial packaging workers often work with machinery and materials that can emit fumes, dust, and other airborne contaminants which can be harmful to respiratory health. Browse our selection of air cleaning systems designed to minimize workers’ exposure to airborne contaminants.

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Oil Mist

Fluids used to cool and lubricate metalwork can expose workers to dermatological, allergic, and respiratory risks. Browse our selection of specialized Oil Mist Collectors designed to capture hazardous contaminants at their source.

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Best Selling Products For This Industry

These models are designed specifically with industrial applications in mind.


Laser Marking Machine & Color Coding Operation

Based in Brookfield, Wisconsin, Guhring, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of high quality, advanced design cutting tools. Having spent tens of thousands of dollars over the years for large dust collectors and air cleaning systems, Guhring’s Plant/Facility Engineer Director was frustrated when trying to find more economical systems that still offered high-quality solutions for smaller applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I use a downdraft table rather than a fume extractor with an arm?

It can be beneficial to use a downdraft table when perfoming applications like sanding, welding, and grinding. Extact-All Downdraft Tables will draw contaminants (i.e. dust, fumes, smoke) down and away from the operator’s breathing zone.

What is the motor life expectancy of Extract-All brand systems?

Most of our blower motors are totally enclosed and thermally protected. Blowers are also dynamically balanced. Typical motor life is 100,000 hours, depending on operating conditions, including ambient temperature, duty cycle, etc.

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