Salon Air Purifiers for the Beauty Industry

Providing clean, fresh air is an important step in providing a safe environment for all and running a successful business. However, workers and customers in the Beauty Industry, particularly salons, are regularly exposed to toxic chemicals and other air pollutants that are not captured by standard HVAC systems. With the help of salon air purifiers from Extract-All, you can improve your indoor air quality by capturing contaminants at the source, before they enter the lungs of employees and patrons.

Discover the versatility of Extract-All products, suitable for a multitude of industries and applications. We’re here to customize solutions for you, regardless of whether your industry is listed. Explore our offerings, get personalized assistance by contacting us, ensure peace of mind with warranty registration, and optimize performance with our filter replacement program. Start your journey to enhanced air quality today.

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Beauty Industry Air Purifier Applications:

Hair Treatments

Many hair treatments performed in salons are done with products containing harsh, even toxic chemicals capable of causing short-term and long-term health effects. Browse our selection of air cleaning systems designed to minimize hairdressers’ exposure to such chemicals.

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salon worker nail work utilizing fume extraction system for nail application

Nail Treatments

Many ingredients in nail care products evaporate easily into the atmosphere causing toxic vapors and dusts to release into the air. Browse our selection of air cleaning systems designed to minimize nail technicians’ exposure to airborne contaminants.

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Estheticians perform skin treatments on customers that often result in biological particulate, powders, or vapors becoming airborne. Browse our selection of air cleaning systems designed to minimize estheticians’ exposure to airborne contaminants.

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Best Selling Products For This Industry

These models are designed specifically with beauty industry applications in mind.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which Salon Pure Air system is best for hair?

Extract-All’s SPA-H Hair Fume Extractor is tailor-made to handle hair procedures like hair straightening treatments, perms,and more. SPA-H includes a 48′ internally-supported extractor arm and 16″ wide source-capture hood for maximal fume capture, as well as multi-stage filtration fit for chemicals and fumes found in hair products.

Which Salon Pure Air system is best for nails?

Models SPA1 and SPA-REV are great for manicure applications. Use SPA1 if you are primarily concerned with Acrylic fumes. If you do a combination of acrylic and gel , then use SPA-REV. SPA-REV is also great for esthetician applications.

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