Air Purifiers for Art Studios

Maintaining proper indoor air quality is important in the Art Industry, where people can be exposed to harsh fumes and airborne particulates. Many conventional paints, for example, emit gaseous VOCs, such as formaldehyde, and numerous products used to clean paintings, such as methyl ethyl ketone and acetone, are toxic. With the help of air purifiers for art studios from Extract-All, you can improve indoor air quality by capturing contaminants at the source, before being exposed to their harmful effects.

See common Art Industry applications below, and discover the versatility of Extract-All products, suitable for a multitude of industries and applications. We’re here to customize solutions for you, regardless of whether your industry is listed. Explore our offerings, get personalized assistance by contacting us, ensure peace of mind with warranty registration, and optimize performance with our filter replacement program. Start your journey to enhanced air quality today.

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Common Applications in the Art Industry

Art Conservation

Maintaining good indoor air quality during art conservation is an important step in keeping people safe. Overexposure to common solvents, such as methyl ethyl ketone and acetone, can cause severe negative health effects. Browse our selection of Fume Extractors made to capture harmful fumes at the source, thereby minimizing risk of exposure.

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Many paints contain VOCs that release into the air when they are applied to surfaces, and sometimes continue to do so for years. When inhaled, gaseous VOCs can cause both short and long-term health effects. Browse our selection of Fume Extractors made to capture harmful fumes at the source, before they enter the breathing zone of painters.

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Without proper air filtration, potters and glassmakers are exposed to ultra-fine silica dust particles that can cause severe lung damage when inhaled. For absolute protection, browse our selection of Fume Extractors complete with HEPA filtration.

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Common jewelry-making processes such as, casting, soldering, polishing, plating, and more, release harmful fumes and particulate into the air that are capable of causing respiratory harm. Browse our selection of Fume Extractors made to capture harmful fumes and particulate at the source, thereby minimizing risk of exposure.

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Best Selling Products For This Industry

These models are designed specifically with Art Industry applications in mind.

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Milwaukee Art Museum – Mobile Fume Extraction Systems

The Art Conservation Department of the Milwaukee Art Museum has its own unique history within the walls of the building, including a small location adjacent to a loading dock. Over the years, the size of the work space, the delicate nature of the work being performed, and fume extraction regulations required the team to find an air cleaning system that was compact enough for the work space yet offered a variety of extraction capabilities to support the sensitive conservation process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What distinguishes Extract-All from other brands?

In today’s environmentally conscious society, there are many different options available to those wishing to purchase an air cleaning system. It is sometimes difficult to sort through the various claims made by manufacturers. Often times prices are drastically different for products that, on the surface seem similar. However, there are several main advantages the Extract-All® brand offer:

• Heavy-duty construction
• Long life blower motors
• User-friendly design makes maintenance and filter changing fast and simple. Most competitive brands require tools just to change filters.
• Accurate specifications – we do not make false CFM and filter claims, many competitors inflate the numbers.

What is the motor life expectancy of Extract-All brand systems?

Most of our blower motors are totally enclosed and thermally protected. Blowers are also dynamically balanced. Typical motor life is 100,000 hours, depending on operating conditions, including ambient temperature, duty cycle, etc.

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