Laser Marking Machine & Color Coding Operation

Based in Brookfield, Wisconsin, Guhring, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of high quality, advanced design cutting tools.

Having spent tens of thousands of dollars over the years for large dust collectors and air cleaning systems, Guhring’s Plant/Facility Engineer Director, Fred Langer, was frustrated when trying to find more economical systems that still offered high-quality solutions for smaller applications.

When Air Impurities Removal (A.I.R.) Systems, Inc. offered its economical Extract-All Model S-987-2A Compact Air Cleaning System to handle two of Guhring’s odor-producing operations, Guhring personnel were somewhat skeptical.

Guhring had both a fully enclosed, automated laser marking machine and a color-coding operation, both of which produced gaseous fumes. A.I.R. Systems set up its system on a portable caster base, with two inlets. The first was connected to the exhaust port of the laser marking machine. A self-supporting extractor arm was attached to the second inlet so that the inlet nozzle could be positioned properly to draw in the fumes from the color-coding operation.

The Extract-All features three stages of filtration, including a 2 ply polyester panel prefilter, a refillable adsorption module with activated carbon, and a pleated final filter.

Now, in full operation, Guhring is very satisfied with the Extract-All System’s performance, including its compact design, good suction, high level of filtration, and low maintenance requirements.

Read More Laser cutting allows for precise measurements and for users to get the exact dimensions they want. But the process can also be hazardous to an individual's health because of the harmful fumes emitted. It's made even more dangerous if workspaces don't have the necessary air filtration systems in place.



Portland Community College Sylvania Campus – Air Cleaners for Ceramics Materials

Project Challenge: Before students begin the term and step into a ceramics classroom at Portland Community College’s Sylvania Campus in Oregon, Ceramics Lab Technician Mandy Stigant mixes all the shop glazes. She spends hours during this process, which includes lifting 50-pound bags and filling bins with hazardous materials, exposing her to harmful dust.

The department teaches students about ceramic art, how to hand-build ceramics, how to use fire kilns and how to mix glazes themselves. When mixing dry, raw materials, Stigant uses three air cleaners manufactured by Air Impurities Removal Systems (AIRS) in the mixing room to remove particulates from the air. Never more than two feet away, the cleaners’ extractor arms are positioned directly over the containers where Stigant dumps the raw glazing materials.

Without an air purification system, Stigant and the 500 students who take classes in the ceramics department each year might be at risk for developing harmful health effects. The liability of not having the proper respiratory protection for ceramics workers and students is huge as mixing the glaze involves exposure to oxides, metal colorants and silica, which could cause cancer. Read More portcase



Milwaukee Art Museum – Mobile Fume Extraction Systems

Project Challenge: The Art Conservation Department of the Milwaukee Art Museum has its own unique history within the walls of the building, including a small location adjacent to a loading dock. Over the years, the size of the work space, the delicate nature of the work being performed, and fume extraction regulations required the team to find an air cleaning system that was compact enough for the work space yet offered a variety of extraction capabilities to support the sensitive conservation process.”The Extract-All 981 is very quiet, and more important, has adjustable suction. It provides a highly focused area of draw that is gentle, giving you total control around delicate and fragile objects. It allows you to adjust right down to the spot you are working on.”
– James De Young / Senior Conservator Read More mam



Milwaukee Public Museum

Project Challenge:
When the conservators at the Milwaukee Public Museum were working on a project in the storage area of the basement that involved organic solvents, they were in need of a cost effective way to protect their health and facilitate the removal of the solvent from the area.

Project Solution:
The Extract-All® 987 Series was selected to support the conservators as they cleaned the museum’s industrial machine collection. The mobility and size of the extraction arms, the flexibility and size of the machine, and the budget conscious cost were perfectly suited for the heavy and cumbersome typewriters and business machines being worked on during this project. The team also recognized the future benefits of the 987 Series for work on other three-dimensional and challenging projects.

“The Extract-All 987 received positive reviews from our Industrial Hygienist. The system helped us safely complete our project and will continue to support our work when we are cleaning mummies and other artifacts that can’t be positioned under our
laboratory hoods.”

– Christine Del Re
Senior Conservator & Section Head Read More mpm



Kohler Company – Oil Mist Collectors

Project Challenge: World renowned Kohler Company, headquartered in Kohler, WI, has been in business for over 130 years, and is a leader in plumbing products, engines and generators, furniture and accessories, and cabinetry and tile.Over a several month period, Kohler held a Kaizen Event……a focused, intense, short term project to improve the capture and removal of airborne pollutants created by their machining processes.Testing was done in and around a Brown & Sharpe machine, initially without an air cleaner attached. Testing was then repeated in each location, with five different air cleaning systems. Read More newkohlershot



Beacon Athletics – Bench-Top Fume Extractors

Project Challenge: Beacon Athletics has been providing high quality athletic field and maintenance equipment since 1948. In addition to offering their customers top notch products, they also pride themselves in providing employees with a safe working environment.Among the various jobs that take place in their Middleton, Wisconsin facility, were two applications that required air purification equipment. Read More s-984



The Getzen Company

Project Challenge: The Getzen Company is a brass musical instrument manufacturer that has been family owned for four generations. They create some of the finest instruments in the world and supply products to some of the top musicians in the business. They just celebrated their 70th anniversary in 2009.

In addition to providing top of the line instruments, The Getzen Company prides themselves in creating a healthy work place. So when a recent application required a clean air solution, they evaluated the situation and determined that the best course of action was to provide a filter system to clean the air.

Air Impurities Removal Systems, Inc. helped to create an improved and safer work environment for Getzen’s employees. The sales staff assisted them in selecting an A.I.R. Systems Extract – All Model S-981-2B Bench Mount Air Cleaner with F-981-1 Filter for their facility. By installing this system in Getzen’s Pro Shop they are able to remove any unwanted impurities from the air. The brazing procedure, in which they join together two materials using a third and heat, gives off a small amount of fumes. The A.I.R. Systems Extract-All System allows Getzen employees to be sure that they are not breathing in any of these fumes. Read More d-casestudie



Discovery World

Project Challenge: Located on the shores of Lake Michigan in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Discovery World is a 120,000-square foot facility that includes interactive science, technology and freshwater exhibits, learning labs, theaters, television and audio studios, and fresh and saltwater aquariums. Connecting innovation, science, technology and the environment with exploration and learning through interactive exhibits and experiential learning programs. They are dedicated to helping people positively impact their communities by developing a better understanding of technology and the environment while fostering both innovation and creativity. *

Discover World also prides themselves in creating a healthy workplace for their employees by keeping the air in their facility clean. When they purchased their new Mimaki printer, they were researching the best method of evacuating fumes from their print shop room. After considering an ambient or “room air cleaning system”, they decided that the best approach would be to collect the fumes right at the source.

After contacting Air Impurities Removal Systems, Inc. they decided that the appropriate system for their application was the Extract-All® brand model S-987-2A with a 4″ diameter inlet, directly connected to the exhaust outlet of the printer. By taking this approach, they were able to collect and filter the active VOC’s by removing both residual dust and solvent fumes. They were able to accomplish this because the Extract-All™ uses multi-stage filtration.

The compact size of the Extract-All® system, the high efficiency filters, the airflow and low noise level were perfect for this particular Mimaki printer.

Discovery World has since turned to Air Impurities Removal Systems, Inc. for additional clean air applications. Read More disco-wordz



Husco International Whitewater, Wisconsin

Husco International, Inc. is a global leader in the development and manufacture of hydraulic and electrohydraulic controls for off-highway and automotive applications.

Husco has a Class 100 Clean room environment where an operator sprays an Isopropyl Alcohol based solution on parts. Their goal was to remove fumes and larger particulates. This was achieved by installing the Extract-All Model S-984-1 Clean Air Station on the stand where the work is performed. The overspray and fumes are drawn back into the Clean Air Station and are effectively removed by three stages of filtration. Read More husco



Plexus Corporation Neenah, Wisconsin

Plexus Corporation is a leading international company that provides design, manufacturing and testing services to the electronics industry. Plexus has had great success using the Extract-All brand Fume ExtractionSystems in two areas.

Wave Soldering
Generally speaking, this unit is used during wave pump and associated parts maintenance. It draws lead solids and lead dust that is generated during the cleaning of various parts. For this application, Air Impurities Removal Systems provided custom downdraft tables.

Solder Pot
Extract-All Model SP-981-2B systems are used on a daily basis to reduce any possible exposure to lead fumes during the drossing of solder pots. By placing the fume extractor arms above the pots, any fumes generated are collected by the Extract-All systems.

Use of the Extract-All systems has dramatically lowered workers exposure levels, and ensures that they are well under OSHA Permissible Exposure Limits.
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