The Extract-All™ Model SP-400 Portable Air Cleaning System

The Extract-All™ Model SP-400 Portable Air Cleaning System offers the utmost in versatility and high efficiency in a compact design.

This Portable System is designed for direct source-capture removal of smoke, dust, fumes, and other airborne contaminants from a wide variety of industrial and other applications. It features a Self-Supporting 4” Diameter x 6’ Long Source Capture Arm for ease of use.

This system is especially effective on welding and powder mixing applications. The SP-400 comes with a 4-stage filter pack which is appropriate for most smoke and dust applications. Additional filter options are available including HEPA filters for ultra-fine particulate and Refillable Adsorption modules for chemical vapor removal.

All of our filter media is manufactured according to top industry standards.

We pride ourselves in our ability to accommodate a wide range of customers. Each System come standard with a Three Year Manufacturer Warranty and is designed, machined, and assembled in the United States. We constantly strive to meet our customers’ needs by developing unique new products. We will continue to do so for decades to come.