Plexus Corporation Neenah, Wisconsin

Plexus Corporation Neenah, Wisconsin 3Plexus Corporation is a leading international company that provides design, manufacturing and testing services to the electronics industry. Plexus has had great success using the Extract-All brand Fume Extraction Systems in two areas.

Wave Soldering
Generally speaking, this unit is used during wave pump and associated parts maintenance. It draws lead solids and lead dust that is generated during the cleaning of various parts. For this application, Air Impurities Removal Systems provided custom downdraft tables.

Solder Pot
Extract-All Model SP-981-2B systems are used on a daily basis to reduce any possible exposure to lead fumes during the drossing of solder pots. By placing the fume extractor arms above the pots, any fumes generated are collected by the Extract-All systems.

Use of the Extract-All systems has dramatically lowered workers exposure levels, and ensures that they are well under OSHA Permissible Exposure Limits.