Milwaukee Art Museum – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee Art Museum - Milwaukee, Wisconsin 3Application:
Chemical Fumes generated by the Art Restoration Process

Project Challenge:
The Art Conservation Department of the Milwaukee Art Museum has its own unique history within the walls of the building, including a small location adjacent to a loading dock. Over the years, the size of the workspace, the delicate nature of the work being performed, and fume extraction regulations required the team to find an air cleaning system that was compact enough for the workspace, yet offered a variety of extraction capabilities to support the sensitive conservation process.

Project Solution:
An older model of the Extract-All™ 981 Series compact air cleaning system was in place for over 20 years while the conservators utilized a variety of small office spaces. After fundraising efforts allowed the team to build a laboratory supported by an extensive fume extraction system, they also upgraded to the current 981 Series. While the new laboratory and extraction system elevate their capabilities, the portability and flexibility of the 981 Series is better suited for their typical delicate, small-scale projects and allows them to work off-site if the need arises.

The Extract-All 981 is very quiet, and more importantly, has adjustable suction. It provides a highly focused area of draw that is gentle, giving you total control around delicate and fragile objects. It allows you to adjust right down to the spot you are working on.”

James De Young
Senior Conservator