Fume Extraction Systems – Engineering the Perfect Environment

Extract-All filtration systems help maintain the optimal work environment for every industry by providing effective and versatile air cleaning solutions.



Ensure worker protection

Indoor air pollutants rank in the top five of the EPA’s list of environmental hazards and can greatly affect worker health and productivity. With contaminants like dust, dirt and other potentially dangerous chemicals regularly accumulating up inside the workplace, indoor air pollution can be up to 100 times worse than the air outside. When workers inhale polluted indoor air, they could develop chronic health risks such as asthma, lung cancer and even heart problems, which may lower productivity and quality of life.


As a solution to ensure workers are adequately protected at all times, employers can invest in air purification systems to be used during work activities that may expose workers to dangerous fumes, gases or vapors. Musical manufacturer The Getzen Company employed a filtration system to keep workers safe while brazing brass instruments.


The reality of indoor air pollution

In addition to helping employers comply with federal work regulations that address worker exposure to hazardous chemicals, air filtration solutions can improve the performance of a company’s staff. When indoor air pollutants are removed using fume extraction and other air purification systems, workplace performance could improve between 4 and 16 percent, according to the studies cited by the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Scientific Findings Resource Bank. Although salaries can account for a large chunk of their budget, companies can invest in enhancing their facilities’ indoor air quality and boost overall productivity without raising labor costs.


Versatile air filtration solutions

Extract-All fume extraction systems have flexible intake arms that draw pollutants into the powerful, multi-stage filter device that screens out airborne contaminants before clean air is exhausted. Sports equipment supplier Beacon Athletics asked Air Impurities Removal Systems to do double duty by offering smoke containment and chemical fume extraction solutions. With mobile extraction systems, workers can move about freely between locations while keeping their environment throughout the facility free from impurities.


Adjust to mobile work environment

Industry employees often have to maneuver around a mobile work environment, requiring a significant degree of flexibility. Portable air cleaning systems complement the needs of workers by acting as a versatile solution for workers who need protection on the move. For instance, the Milwaukee Art Museum was appreciative of the fact that its air purification solution would conform to a tight work space and retain the gentle touch required when working around delicate objects.