There are a variety of applications that take place in a dental facility, including:

· Model Trimming

· Laser Systems· Denture Design and Repair

· Polishing and Grinding

· Various dust and fume producing activities

Many of these generate high levels of fine dust and toxic fumes.

The Extract-All™ S-DTL-1 is a highly versatile Air Purification and Dust Collection System that allows the operator to collect fumes and dust directly from a single source or two side-by-side stations.

The dental air purifier features a portable base system comes standard with a high-efficiency primary filter and a polyester cube prefilter, which is ideal for precious material recovery.

Our Extractor arms are made of a chemical and heat resistant material with flame retardant and abrasion resistant properties. The Unique design of our Extractor arms allows them to be manipulated in a variety of positions to allow for direct source capture.

An optional slotted inlet cover with an acrylic hood, allows the operator to use the system as a downdraft surface.

Our high performance motor blower offers quiet operation unlike some of the dust collectors currently being used in today’s dental labs.

The Extract-All™ S-DTL-1 Features:

• A Unique Prefilter that allows for recovery of precious metals

• 7’ Power Cord with and Heavy-Duty Casters provide easy mobility around the lab or


• Powder Coat paint finish inside and out

• Quite Operation compared to standard dust collectors.

We pride ourselves in our ability to accommodate a wide range of customers.

Each System come standard with a Three Year Manufacturer Warranty and is designed, machined, and assembled in the United States.

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