The Extract-All™ Model S-987-1 Compact Air Cleaning System gives you a safer, healthier workplace by capturing and removing contaminants at the source. Single station system collects and filters smoke, dust, and odors from many light to moderate industrial and laboratory activities.

The unique design allows the system to be set in a vertical or horizontal position, on bench-top or floor. You may purchase an optional caster base for portable use. Additionally, the System is available in two color choices- Black or White.

Because of the exclusive modular design of our 987 Series, inlet covers are interchangeable. If you decide at a later date you would like a two-arm cover or downdraft cover, you can purchase those options at any time.

Multiple Filter combinations are available to accommodate countless applications that require- Fume, Dust, Smoke, and Vapor removal. All of our filter media is manufactured according to top industry standards.

We pride ourselves in our ability to accommodate a wide range of customers.

Each System come standard with a Three Year Manufacturer Warranty and is designed, machined, and assembled in the United States. We constantly strive to meet our customers’ needs by developing unique new products.