Equipping Every Workplace with Cleaner Air


Poor indoor air quality can impact the productivity and health of workers across the nation no matter the workplace. To protect employees from contaminants specific to their work facility – from auto plants to hospitals – employers should consider investing in air filtration solutions that will replace air impurities with clean air.

Here are ways various workplaces can reduce occupational safety risks:

Automotive plants
Problem: Auto plant workers often have to work with metalworking fluids that could endanger worker health by causing them to develop problems with their skin, allergies or respiratory systems.
Solution: To capture these hazardous contaminants at the source, oil and coolant mist collectors operate using a multi-stage filtration process that will effectively extract air impurities before they reach workers’ breathing space.

Commercial laboratories
Problem: Lab workers may inhale dangerous chemicals and outside contaminants may threaten the integrity of their experiments.
Solution: Bench-top fume extractors and downdraft systems are standard in protecting laboratory workers and maintaining a safe and sterile workspace necessary to cultivate scientific innovation.

Problem: Health care workers and patients may be exposed to chemicals and impurities that could cause them to have adverse health effects and hospitals must follow clean room regulations.
Solution: Healthcare administrators have a variety of solutions to choose from to comply with regulations and maintain an outstanding indoor air quality, including mobile fume extractors, ambient air cleaners and bench-top fume extractors.

Food processing facilities
Problem: Food producers often have to worry about the possibility of contamination from multiple sources, including the air.
Solution: Companies could install air purification solutions like bench-top fume extractors and downdraft systems to avoid the build-up of contaminants in ambient air that touch food as it is being produced.

Government facilities
Problem: Buildings owned by the federal, state or local governments often contain valuable objects that may be affected by air impurities.
Solution: Facilities could implement ambient air cleaners and mobile fume extractors to preserve precious historical documents or artifacts for the long haul.