When it comes to Machining operations, there are potential health hazards and risks associated with the oil-and water based cutting fluids that are used as coolants and  lubricants.

Metalworking applications such as cutting, sawing, polishing, and grinding along with the use of these cutting fluids produces a mist that is sent airborne. This mist can pose great health risks resulting from long term exposure.

Facilities also are at risk of physical hazards to the worker such as slippery floors. Proper containment of floatation mist is essential to a safe working environment.

Designed for direct source capture of various airborne contaminants, the Extract-All™ model E-300 Oil Mist /Smoke and Particulate Collector is an ideal method of cleaning unwanted nuisance or hazardous contaminants from the workplace efficiently and cost-effectively.

The E-300 is most effective when accommodating a single machine or enclosure.

The E-300 operates by collecting the contaminant-laden airstream into the collector’s inlet plenum, which is designed to drop out large mist or other particles. The airstream then turns and passes up through a multi-stage filter system while the clean air is exhausted through the top of the unit.


• Compact design suitable for various mounting configurations.

• Cabinet is tightly sealed to avoid air bypass.

• Standard liquid drain in bottom of unit.

• Single-hinged door for easy filter removal and maintenance.

• Low noise level during operation.

• All CFM ratings are measured with clean filters installed.

• 100,000 Hour Long Life Blower Motor

• Multi-Stage Filtration

• Helps ensure compliance with current and future

OSHA regulations

• Low-Cost Replacement Filters

• Powder Coat Paint Finish Inside and Out Inhibits

Rust and Corrosion

• All Electrical Components and Filter Media are UL

And CE Approved

• Three Year Warranty

For larger machines and multiple stations we recommend our versatile model E-

1400, which can accommodate up to 4 machines.