Discovery World

Discovery World 3Located on the shores of Lake Michigan in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Discovery World is a 120,000-square foot facility that includes interactive science, technology, and freshwater exhibits, learning labs, theaters, television and audio studios, and fresh and saltwater aquariums. Connecting innovation, science, technology, and the environment with exploration and learning through interactive exhibits and experiential learning programs. They are dedicated to helping people positively impact their communities by developing a better understanding of technology and the environment while fostering both innovation and creativity. *

Discovery World also prides themselves in creating a healthy workplace for their employees by keeping the air in their facility clean. When they purchased their new Mimaki printer, they were researching the best method of evacuating fumes from their print shop room. After considering an ambient or “room air cleaning system”, they decided that the best approach would be to collect the fumes right at the source.

After contacting Air Impurities Removal Systems, Inc. they decided that the appropriate system for their application was the Extract-All™ brand model S-987-2A with a 4” diameter inlet, directly connected to the exhaust outlet of the printer. By taking this approach, they were able to collect and filter the active VOC’s by removing both residual dust and solvent fumes. They were able to accomplish this because the Extract-All™ uses multi-stage filtration.

The compact size of the Extract-All® system, the high-efficiency filters, the airflow, and the low noise level were perfect for this particular Mimaki printer.

Discovery World has since turned to Air Impurities Removal Systems, Inc. for additional clean air applications.