Beacon Athletics Middleton, Wisconsin

Beacon Athletics Middleton, Wisconsin 1Beacon Athletics has been providing high quality athletic field and maintenance equipment since 1948. In addition to offering their customers top notch products, they also pride themselves in providing employees with a safe working environment.

Among the various jobs that take place in their Middleton, Wisconsin facility, were two applications that required air purification equipment.

Beacon Athletics Middleton, Wisconsin 2First, there was a nylon cord cutting and sealing machine that emitted smoke and fumes. Air Impurities Removal Systems, Inc. provided an Extract-All™ model S-987-2A with three stage filtration,including an adsorption module containing activated carbon. This system removed the smoke and fumes from the air and the worker’s breathing zone.

The second application was a bench-top area where pvc glue was being applied to a product. For this application, an Extract-All™ model S-984-1 Clean Air Station was setup on the bench-top. As the glue is being applied, any residual fumes are drawn back, away from the workers breathing zone, into a three-stage filtration system.

By eliminating airborne contaminants from the air, Beacon Athletics has provided a safe and healthy atmosphere for their employees.