Beacon Athletics Middleton, Wisconsin

Beacon Athletics Middleton, Wisconsin 5Beacon Athletics has been providing high-quality athletic field and maintenance equipment since 1948. In addition to offering their customers top-notch products, they also pride themselves in providing employees with a safe working environment.

Among the various jobs that take place in their Middleton, Wisconsin facility, were two applications that required air purification equipment.

Beacon Athletics Middleton, Wisconsin 6First, there was a nylon cord-cutting and sealing machine that emitted smoke and fumes. Air Impurities Removal Systems, Inc. provided an Extract-All™ model S-987-2A with three-stage filtration, including an adsorption module containing activated carbon. This system removed the smoke and fumes from the air and the worker’s breathing zone.

The second application was a bench-top area where PVC glue was being applied to a product. For this application, an Extract-All™ model S-984-1 Clean Air Station was set up on the bench-top. As the glue is being applied, any residual fumes are drawn back, away from the workers breathing zone, into a three-stage filtration system.

By eliminating airborne contaminants from the air, Beacon Athletics has provided a safe and healthy atmosphere for their employees.