Indoor Air Quality Challenges For The Gaming Industry


Gone are the days when only adult males were allowed inside hazy pool halls to smoke, drink and compete in billiards. Today, the gaming industry attracts diverse participants, including millennials, tourists, and retirees. Unfortunately, one thing hasn’t changed: compromised air quality.

Though 72% of Americans are non-smokers, smoking patrons predominate at gaming establishments. More than 10x as many US citizens have died from cigarette use than were killed in all wars fought by the US during its history. Smoking causes more than 480k deaths each in the US – nearly 1 in 5 people. And yet, the habit persists – at casinos in particular. While there are some smoke-free venues within the industry, they are uncommon. In fact, 88% of commercial casinos and nearly 100% of tribal casinos allow the practice. In spite of the efforts of state and local governments to protect people from secondhand smoke by enacting smoking bans, casinos are often exempt from compliance due to the revenue they bring to the areas where they are located. Delaware is one of the notable exceptions, as the first American jurisdiction to include gaming facilities in their statewide smoking ban.

In the absence of a federal ban on cigarette use (which would eliminate the reality that casino patrons cross state borders in order to smoke while gambling), casino owners need to provide a healthy environment for their customers and employees. Other than offering a fully smoke-free setting (thereby alienating the majority of their clientele), there is no way to completely protect patrons and workers from secondhand smoke except through air cleaning ventilation methods. Ventilation, providing fresh air and circulation, includes both dilution and source extraction. Dilution ventilation mixes large quantities of air with the pollutant to lower the concentration, yet does not remove the contaminant completely. Source extraction, on the other hand, captures the contaminant locally – an ideal form as it prevents polluted air from reaching an individual, thereby protecting all who are present.

Until cigarette smoking is outlawed completely, both casino workers and patrons alike will continue to be at risk. In the meantime, club owners will need to continue to strive for the highest quality indoor air possible. At AIRSInc, we are experts in creating and maintaining clean indoor air. We possess a depth of industry knowledge and can evaluate your air filtration needs and recommend a course of action using our stellar implementation products. Contact us at Air Impurities Removal Systems, Inc. to speak to one of our air quality specialists.