Air Impurities Removal Systems | Opti-Forms, Testimonial

We have a 464 sf. Bonding Room which we use adhesives (RTB) to bond our products to our customers’ spinnings. Although the fumes are not toxic they make for a very poor work environment. We installed an Extract-All™ Model# S-984-1 carbon filter which has eliminated the harsh environment.

We also have a clean/detail room that we use Acetone on the parts. They complained of the acetone smell. We installed an Extract-All™ Model# S-987-2A carbon filter which is a table mount unit with 2 inlet hoses and works great at eliminating all the acetone smell. There have been NO complaints by the employees since they were installed.

The price of this product and its ability to extract the annoying odors (do its job) is excellent. Finding this inexpensive and simple solution has put me in great standing with the company.

Dan Welch