Air Filtration No Longer Considered Luxury Item In Apartment Living

Air Filtration No Longer Considered Luxury Item In Apartment Living 1

As apartment construction continues to increase in many cities across the U.S., developers and builders are increasingly incorporating high-end features to attract new renters. Among those extra amenities are air filters.

It’s no secret that rents in cities such as New York, San Francisco and Boston have reached a point where even a one-bedroom apartment can cost many thousands of dollars a month. Renters are more likely than ever to expect apartment amenities over and above just a kitchen, bathroom, and a space to sleep.

Developers of newer buildings are now incorporating robust HVAC systems and powerful air filters to help improve the living environment of their tenants.

In the New York City borough of the Bronx, SBH Health Systems lead the creation of a 450,000 square-foot living complex. SBH Health Systems partnered with Hornig Capital Partners LLC and L+M Development Partners for project development.

According to The Wall Street Journal, this complex specifically caters to the needs of low-income individuals and families. The goal was to build 314 affordable living units while also providing workshops and other services, such as care centers, throughout the complex.

But the $156 million-dollar project wasn’t just another form of affordable housing. Instead, the goal of this project was to build upon a health focus by providing residents with the tools and areas needed for a healthy lifestyle. By combining these services into one area, residents might be less likely to have to go to emergency rooms or schedule expensive doctor visits because they are no longer unhealthy.

In an interview with The Journal, SBH Health System CEO David Perlstein echoed the value of the project.

“If you have a safe place to live… then you can start to think about all those other things that relate to wellness,” Perlstein said.

Throughout the building, developers implemented features to enhance the living experience and be of particular benefit to residents who may suffer from asthma and other breathing-related issues.

Air filtration systems are one of those features the developer emphasized. Filters, along with green walls lined with plants, trees, and paint that helps break down chemicals, all contributed to much cleaner air than that typically found in regular apartment buildings.

But not all landlords can simply start constructing a state-of-the-art building. Landlords and building managers have to work together to ensure existing HVAC systems are functioning properly. If not, replacement air filtration systems will need to be found to ensure all tenants are breathing clean air.

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