“Our Extract-All Model S-987-2A is in full operation and we are very satisfied with its performance, including the compact design, good suction, high level of filtration and low maintenance requirements.”

- Fred Langer - Guhring, Inc.

The Extract-All 981 is very quiet, and more importantly, has adjustable suction. It provides a highly focused area of draw that is gentle, giving you total control around delicate and fragile objects. It allows you to adjust right down to the spot you are working on.”

- James De Young - Senior Conservator

“The Extract-All 987 received positive reviews from our Industrial Hygienist. The system helped us safely complete our project and will continue to support our work when we are cleaning mummies and other artifacts that can’t be positioned under our laboratory hoods.”

- Christine Del Re – Senior Conservator & Section Head

dental procedure

“The Extract-All gives me the confidence to perform dentistry safely.”

- Dr. Susan S. Plotnick, DMD

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As the principal of Big Bend Elementary, I keep the health and safety of our students, teachers, and staff at the forefront of my priorities. This school year air quality is at the top of my health and safety list, and part of our preparation included adding an Extract-All 987 Ultra Clean Portable HEPA Air Scrubber System to our health room. Our health room is where students and staff will be directed if they are ill or presenting symptoms of Covid-19. This will allow us to isolate people who may be contagious from others while we assess our next steps. The Ultra Clean Air Scrubber system will filter the air of airborne contaminates and provides our school with an area to keep students comfortable until parents or guardians can pick them up.


The Ultra Clean Air Scrubber system provides tremendous peace of mind for our parents, students, teachers and staff.

- Shawn Waller, Principal of Big Bend Elementary

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