Rigid Flex Hose

Extract-All Rigid Flex hose and flexible arms. This innovative design is self-supporting and made of heavy-duty, chemical-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and heat resistant polypropylene, with flame retardant characteristics.

Unlike other brands that are designed with articulated joints or internal supports, Our Rigid Flex Hose has no joints or internal supports, this leads to maximum airflow.

Extract-All Rigid Flex hose is available in various sizes, each of which can be manipulated to expand or decrease the intake diameter. This is accomplished simply by twisting the end to increase or decrease the diameter.

If you would like to decrease the length of your Rigid Flex hose, simply unlock the hose by pulling  the end tab. Snip off the appropriate amount, then snap lock it back into place.

Extract-All’s amazing rigid flex hose offers highly effective clean air solutions for your laboratory and industrial applications.